Unified Business Communications

As with any business the need to do more than just connect to the internet is paramount. We offer a wide range of simple, reliable and cost-effective solutions for your connectivity requirements. You may be transferring a lot of data, work in an industry where your business is the internet or simply have an Etail / ecommerce shop. Whatever your requirements are, here at GBIS Communications we can provide you with fast, reliable and secure connectivity solutions which are proven across all business sectors.

We will work with you to identify your connectivity requirements to ensure you receive the right package for you, delivering the dedicated bandwidth and access speeds you need. Dedicated services are ideal for website connectivity, business internet usage, working from home, connecting remotely.


Our standard business broadband is perfect for businesses that want the simplicity of connecting to the internet, whilst benefiting from high speed and low prices.

At GBIS Communications, we work with all our customers to identify their needs and provide a range of options based on speed, reliability and of course budget. Our standard business broadband provides you with the opportunity to offer guest wi-fi facilities whilst ensuring your business connection is kept private and secure.

When moving premises, understanding the connectivity available at the new site is vital in ensuring you can maintain, or improve on your current broadband connection. We will also look at how we can ensure continuity with your telephone numbers where possible maintaining your customer interaction without interruption. We assist in identifying what is available to you and how this will impact on your ability to carry out your daily business activities, and where possible offer solutions.

If your staff work remotely, then we can provide you with several options to keep your team connected; from mobile phone data packages to mobile dongles.

We provide simple, reliable solutions to problems including;

Standard Business Grade products

  • ADSL

  • Business Fibre (FTTC/FTTP)

  • SOGEA (Single order generic ethernet access)

Dedicated Business Grade products (QQS)

  • Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

  • Fibre Ethernet

  • Mobile Broadband


Like any technology sooner or later it becomes obsolete.  Currently BT (Openreach) supply the vast majority of the fixed line infrastructure across the UK.  In 2025, BT have decided to close the fixed line hosting platform and all copper connections will cease.  What this means is any old phone system which uses a physical land line will become redundant.  New phone systems are now utilising broadband (hosted systems) as a cloud-based solution (VOIP).

VOIP SYSTEMS (Voice over internet protocol)

With an array of IP telephony systems (broadband telephone systems) on the market, choosing the most economical and practical system for your business is not easy and can become a long and arduous task. This has only been ever more complicated with cloud based systems which are now emerging.

At GBIS Communications we have years of experience in the telecoms sector and understand that business growth, budgets and multi-site requirements play a huge part in determining the right office phone system for you and your business.


With faster technology emerging almost by the day, it stands to reason that cabling infrastructures require a certain degree of backbone bandwidth on the LAN (Local Area Network), to ensure minimal congestion and bottlenecks. This is where GB Integrated Systems fibre optical backbone becomes invaluable. A fibre backbone is a must when interconnecting two or more telecommunications rooms or cabinets, offering a future-proofed: 100Base-FX, 1000Base-SX, 10GB Base-SX up to 40GB Base-SX with known and trusted names such as Nexans, AMP and Teldor.

As well as providing a high-speed link between telecommunications rooms, it is also a cost-effective alternative to a wireless link between two or more buildings on the same site. If you are an electrical and mechanical contractor and need high-speed communications between your hardware such as BMS panels and other processing equipment, then Fibre Optic can sometimes be a cheaper and certainly a more stable alternative. We have years of experience working alongside contractors and more importantly understand the major construction industry.


As data cabling and network infrastructure specialists with over 30 years’ combined experience, GBIS are the company of choice for many of the UK’s leading companies. We provide the full range of cabling services, from moves and changes to large LAN (Local area network) installations including complete design and specification. We specialise in both copper and fibre optic cabling systems to suit your needs.

CCTV networks are becoming ever more dependent on the structured cabling systems as we converge from analogue CCTV over to IP CCTV systems. We understand both sides of the business and can therefore advise you accordingly. Home networks require data cabling due to the increase in IP based products such as: TV on demand, gaming machines, smartphones and tablets. With our home automation experience, we are able to offer you advice on the best way to future-proof your home network. WiFi is all around us and just about everything relies on internet connection, if not by direct cable then over the Wi-Fi. We have years of experience in both single channel and enterprise type networks to suit your needs and budgets.

Wireless Lan (Wifi)

Wifi is fastly becoming the norm for most applications to distribute your data wirelessly. Here at GBIS Communications we are expertes in designing and delivering the most robust Wifi Systems (WLAN) for both residential, commercial and enterprise systems.

We have access to products around the Globe that are best in class for their applications and can therefore build you a robust and sustainable wireless mesh from a single Access Points to hundreds of access points across mutiple sites, all managed from one platform.

Amongst having access and experience in most applications and products, we are a Pakedge qualified installer with PCNA trained professionals in-house, and more commonly we are a Ubiquiti qualified installer with fully trained professional at your disposal.

For Design, supply, installation and on-going maintenance GBIS Communications are here to help.