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Daisy Communications in Lancashire gets a whole New IP CCTV System

Daisy is a leading independent communications provider and it was at their head office in Nelson, Lancashire where GBIS were called to upgrade their existing analogue CCTV system to an IP HD CCTV system. GBIS worked with the IT team at Daisy to ensure that the upgrade was carried out seamlessly, with little disruption to both the work place and the CCTV system as a whole.

Upgrading the system has meant that the security team at Daisy can now retain the footage for longer periods of time enhanced by the facility to automatically back up the footage to a network attached storage (NAS) device, which means that the footage can be archived and accessed at a later date. The new IP system also allows registered users to sign in via an app on their mobile device and view live and recorded footage whilst on the go.


The whole system is backed up by external detection compliant to BS8418 and public address for remote monitoring by our third party RVRC provider to ensure the site is protected at all times.