Based in the North West of England, GB Integrated Systems Limited offer a full design, consultation, supply, installation and maintenance of all types of electronic fire, security, data, lighting control and home automation systems.

Technology has allowed us to become more sophisticated and intelligent, meaning we can deliver your exact requirements for both your home and business. Fire and Security means protecting people, property and data systems. There has never been a better time to review your requirements, give us a call today and we will provide you with a full audit and report. The lighting control and automation systems are born and bred in our custom installation department, which is a perfect fit and becoming a core product within our brand. Every system that we deliver relies on strong communication and here at GB Integrated Systems Ltd we ensure that a co-ordinated design is complete beforehand.


It is reported that there are more than 600 fire-related deaths and 16,000 injuries year on year. Therefore smoke and heat detection is a vital component in the battle against protecting you, your family and/or your business against the risk of fire! Fire alarms, smoke alarms and heat detection systems are all essential components that maximise the safety of people and property. GB Integrated Systems Burnley are trained in the legal practice and practical requirements for the design, supply, installation and commission of automatic fire detection systems.

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We are an SSAIB accredited company, assuring you that all our security systems are designed and delivered to the latest British, European and Industry standards with no compromise. We offer a full design, consultation, supply, installation and maintenance of all types of security systems. Integration of our smart intelligent systems enables you to monitor every single element of your assets.

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As with any business the need to do more than just connect to the internet is paramount. We offer a wide range of simple, reliable and cost-effective solutions for your connectivity requirements. You may be transferring a lot of data, work in an industry where your business is the internet or simply have an Etail / ecommerce shop. Whatever your requirements are, here at GBIS Communications we can provide you with fast, reliable and secure connectivity solutions which are proven across all business sectors.

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Audiovisual technology is evident in every sector of society including schools, businesses, government, sports and entertainment facilities and more recently with the rise in smart home technology and home cinema within the residential market. We design, supply and install audiovisual systems for every environment to suit your requirements and budget.

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Technology now affords us the tools to automate pretty much anything and everything to allow ease of use and remove human intervention and or error. We have been automating systems since our inception, from the most basic of gate automation through to fully integrated systems bringing together several independent technologies and systems into one user-friendly front end.

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GB Integrated Systems can offer a vast array of lighting control systems, from Lutron, Rako, Mode and Control4 where you can operate one or more lighting circuits from a single switch, keypad or touch screen. Automated control systems can also open or close blinds, curtains and shades to provide shading in different areas of the room. Special effects can be created through lighting control scene setting.

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Service and maintenance packages are an essential element in ensuring the longevity and effectiveness of any operational system. Monitoring is a vital component to any system that requires a call to action, insurance approval and offers that extra peace of mind. All GB Integrated Systems engineers are qualified to the latest industry standards and carry out full inspections of the systems, whilst also providing a 24/7 service and call-out facility.

GB Integrated Systems Ltd. offer full monitoring and maintenance packages to all new and existing customers whether the system is a new install or a takeover / transfer. We cover the North of England to the Midlands and operate in the following sectors: Home owners, Commercial and Industrial, Public Sector, Retail and Hospitality

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