Dynamic lockdown

June 6, 2018

Dynamic School Lockdown

With the threat of firearm, weapon, and terrorist attacks in schools and all educational facilities on the increase, the need for a procedure that ensures the safety of students and staff is greater than ever.

What is a dynamic lockdown

In 2105 NaCTO introduced the ‘Dynamic Lockdown Procedure’.  This procedure refers to the ability to quickly restrict access and movement to a specific area or an entire building through actions and physical measures in response to an imminent warning or threat. It is recognised that dynamic lockdown is easier to achieve at some sites than others, therefore creating a challenge for some schools.
“This information is based on the NaCTO guidance note 1/2015 and this should be referred to in conjunction with your current school emergency plan.”

 Why develop a dynamic lockdown

By the end of 2018, we are told that it will be compulsory for all schools to have a dynamic lockdown procedure in place.  The procedure provides an effective strategy to maximise the safety of pupils, staff, and visitors. Those looking to carry out attacks often undertake a level of advance planning and all opportunities to detect and deter such threats should be taken.  There are a number of ways to present a strong security posture including:

  • Staff awareness
  • CCTV / surveillance systems
  • Active security zones
  • Deterrent communications
  • Access control system

If preventing an attack has not been possible, by putting in to practise the lockdown procedure, the number of potential casualties can be greatly reduced through the ability to delay and frustrate the attacker(s).

How GBIS can help you to achieve full or partial lockdown.

At GB Integrated Systems Ltd. we can help you to achieve dynamic lockdown, incorporating one or more systems that seamlessly work with one another using by using new or existing infrastructure. All GBIS personnel are qualified and security cleared to the highest levels in the security sector with full Disclosure Scotland’s, security screening to BS7858 and police clearance as well as DBS and annual lifestyle checks.
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