HSBC HQ Birmingham

June 20, 2018

Fibre Optic Cabling at the New  HSBC

One of the global leaders in the banking and financial sector need the best in communications and the GBIS team were on hand when designing and installing the fibre backbone for the BMS systems.

BMS Fibre Backbone

Fibre optic cabling is being used more and more, and when the communications for the building management systems are forever more important then the control’s designers insisted that the comm’s links were fibre optic. With nineteen panels serving 15+ floors the installation needed to be on an industrial scale and robust to cope with the environemnt.
Scott Earing GBIS Director Comments: “We were challenged with designing a fibre backbone to meet a demanding specification yet installed within the outstations of the BMS panels which were spread throughout the whole site. It was important that we developed and industrial type specification and products to suit. Using Nexans multi-mode fibre cabling, Corning terminations and Comnet managed din rail mounted switches the solution was delivered on time and within budget.”

 Why choose GBIS

At GB Integrated Systems Limited we have the in-house expertise and drive to keep pushing the boudaries, embracing new technologies and the efficiencies they bring with them. We have a pedigree in delivering multi-disciplined projects across all sectors.
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