Fire Systems

UK Fire and Rescue services attend more than 500,000 incidents each year, with this number set to rise, it is crucial for home-owners and businesses to protect themselves from the risk of fire.

It is reported that there are more than 600 fire-related deaths and 16,000 injuries year on year. Therefore smoke and heat detection is a vital component in the battle against protecting you, your family and/or your business against the risk of fire! Fire alarms, smoke alarms and heat detection systems are all essential components that maximise the safety of people and property. GB Integrated Systems Burnley are trained in the legal practice and practical requirements for the design, supply, installation and commission of automatic fire detection systems.

GBIS are experienced in the conception, design and implementation of fire and smoke systems.

We will advise on each or all of the following elements;
Our systems incorporate only the best products from leading manufacturers such as; Honeywell, Advance Electronics, Apollo, Hochiki and many more.

Our Fire Systems.

Conventional Alarm systems.

Analogue Alarm Systems.

Air Sampling.

Disabled Refuge.

Public Voice Evacuation.