Audio Distribution

One Source, Multiple Rooms

Audio distribution is where a single source of audio / music can be played to multiple zones or areas of a building and or complex. There are many different types of audio distribution dependent on the application and requirements.
Audio distribution has predominantly developed from the commercial audio market and is now main stream in high end residential properties with white goods providers such as: Sonos, Bose and Bang & Olufsen leading the way in development and design. Historically, audio distribution was installed in large commercial applications but with the latest developments in technology, we have been afforded simpler, easier, plug and play solutions that allow us to build systems in a series of building blocks which make such systems more affordable.
Most pubs, clubs and hospitality venues benefit from audio distribution and this usually utilises 100V line technology, operating from a single location allowing total simple to use control. With the addition of streaming services, music and audio can be streamed from the internet to a wider audience with the use of audio distribution maintaining quality across all channels. GB Integrated Systems Limited have teamed up with the industries ‘best in class’ audio distributors and are therefore able to offer full design, installation and on-going maintenance packages to suit your budget.