Air Sampling


Aspirating smoke detection is an early warning solution. With continuous air sampling, it provides the earliest possible warning of an impending fire hazard. Most aspirating smoke detectors buy the critical time needed to investigate an alarm and initiate an appropriate response to the cause and effect solution employed.

ASD’s (Aspirating smoke detectors) have multi-level warnings and a wide range of sensitivity that does not degrade or change over time, so even minute levels of smoke can be detected before a fire has time to escalate. Air sampling pipework is installed back to a CIE which in turn can act as a standalone system or as part of a site-wide fire detection system and sit on the network just the same as a standard smoke detector.


Aspirating smoke detection can be used in applications like clean rooms or data centres where an early warning system is required. In other cases it can be used in areas where maintenance is an issue and access could be impossible such as voids, ducting or lift shafts.