Intruder Detection

Intruder detection systems or burglar alarms come in many forms and have evolved over the past 25 years.

With criminals getting more and more sophisticated the intruder detection manufacturers have had to become increasingly inventive. The intruder detection market has grown and the systems have become more complex with more intuitive end user interfaces. GB Integrated Systems engineers have been trained on the most complex of systems and are capable of delivering site wide solutions for both single or multi-site users.

We use Industry Leading manufacturers

Here at GB Integrated Systems Limited, we use industry-leading manufacturers such as Texecom, Risco, Honeywell and Orisec, alongside many more adding strength to our supply chain and allowing us to have continuity and expertise in-house. We offer full design, installation and 24/7 maintenance plans tailored to your requirements. Systems can be stand alone or monitored with Police Repsonse. If it’s a monitored system that you opt for, then we have the expertise to work with most if not all Redcare, CSL DualComm and third party DigiComs.