Analogue Addressable

Analogue Addressable Alarm System

An addressable fire alarm system employs addressable (intelligent) fire detection sensors and other types of devices (i.e. sounders and or strobes) on a loop which are all individually addressed numerically.

When a device or sensor goes into alarm or fault the address and in most cases, a text description of the exact device is reported to the CIE (Control indicating equipment) allowing precise locations of the cause.

Where occupants are going to need assistance from staff to evacuate the building (e.g. residential care homes, hospitals or large public spaces) then the fire detection and alarm systems should be addressable (Analogue Addressable). For example, if the facility is to sleep 10 or more people.


Analogue Addressable fire alarm systems can be tailored from single zone systems to more complex networked systems with involved cause and effect evacuation processes which enables smooth evacuation and monitoring of fire situations.