Viridor install thermal imaging cameras

Viridor WEEE Recycling has added to their fire safety measures with the addition of thermal imaging cameras to assist them with the early detection and prevention of fire at their premises in St. Helens.
Viridor St Helens is one of the most sophisticated WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) plants in the UK and uses the latest technology by benefiting from state-of-the-art equipment. It was therefore important to the compliance team that any early warning of the potential risk of fire is picked up as early as possible, and the site team can deal with the risk at the earliest opportunity.
The plant is the only AATF in England, Scotland and Wales, with a WEELABEX accreditation on the fridge plant. The plant is constantly improving and upgrading its facilities. In addition to enhancing processing capacity at St Helens, Viridor is engaging with our compliance scheme partners to understand and accommodate any fluctuations in the market.
GB Integrated Systems Limited are a major service provider in both the Fire and Security provision on this site, who offer advice, design and installation in order to improve the security and safety site wide.
Scott Earing GBIS director comments: “This is just another health and safety improvement that Lee and his team have implemented which will prove dividends immediately and will hopefully encourage further instalments of this type of technology. Thermal imaging cameras have been available across the industry for a long time, but when combining them with fire alarms with this type of application, all of a sudden the benefits are two-fold. We have installed a thermal imaging camera along with a stand-alone fire alarm to enable the staff at the coal face to be audibly and visually warned at the outset of any risk. I think the client was impressed, to say the least when we tested and handed over the system”.