California dreamin’ for Mike

Mike has just about recovered from a 3 day round trip to the Sonance HQ in California. This whirlwind overseas visit gave Mike the opportunity to try and test the Sonance speaker range. What Mike has brought back with him are the 3 simple principles that inform everything that Sonance do. 1) Create products that are designed to disappear 2) Cultivate authentic partnerships and 3) Build upon their strong heritage of innovation.
Mike was super impressed with this slick and professional company and I think it’s fair to say that he was blown away with the Sonance invisible series.  TeamGBIS are committed to the continuous development of both staff and products to ensure that we remain at the forefront of our industry.
Thanks to the whole team who made Mike very welcome and thanks also to Habitech for the generous invitation.

AIM training at GBIS HQ

Training for our service engineers on the AIM monitoring secure test system which will give our engineers the ability to actively put systems on and off test without delay, giving our customers a greater level of service as part of our continuous improvement scheme for monitoring and maintenance. Big thanks to Mike McHale & John Cotton. #Teamgbis #training #AIM

Abloy training at GBIS HQ

Abloy academy training at GBIS HQ for access control and compliant locking standards. Big thanks to Neil Hughes. #Teamgbis #accesscontrol #training #abloy